What makes Little Big Dairy Milk So Unique?

1. A Rural Symphony: From Happy Cows to Bottled Bliss

When we look out across the farm, we see trees, worked ground ready for sowing, corn nearly ready for chopping, bright trucks loading, tractors feeding, smiling people and a hive of activity. The highlight and the scene that brings the biggest smiles though are shiny, contented cows that are chewing their cud without a care in the world. Their vibrant black and white coats freshly washed from dust with the recent storms, full feed troughs and bellies. We keep it simple for our herds, tailoring diets and areas specifically for them, so they dont have to worry. The result is in the great tasting Australian milk they share with us. We are so privileged to bottle this milk and sell it across the state.

2. Why our Milk tastes so much better

Today the yearling heifers broke out and went roaming from their feedpad. As Mum was describing the scene she smiled with love. They are so fat and shiny, so content, they are cherished and precious. Those are the reasons our milk tastes so much better, because of all the little things we do here, they add up to something big. You can taste the difference and taste the love in every bottle.

3. Crafting the Extraordinary A Journey from Cow to Bottle

Not all milk is made equal. We are so privileged to see the product right through from our cows to the bottle. Ensuring each step is handled with care. The result is something really special, and we are so excited to share it with you. Milk that tastes like milk should taste. Yummy and creamy, but fresh and clean. The ;best milk for coffee ;or tea - complimentary to your cuppa but not overpowering.

4. Cows, Community, and Conservation - Our Threefold Commitment

Consideration for our cows, community and conservation. These three pillars describe our commitment to you - our customers. We promise to consider all the little things we do from grass, to cows to bottling, delivering and everything in between. We will be considerate of our community and our responsibility to our land.

5. Little Big Milk Nurturing the Little Things for Big Taste

Little Big milk tastes great because of the way we do what we do. What do we do? We believe that if you take care of the little things the big things take care of themselves. We are a dairy farming family with on farm milk bottling. We are your trusted team who look after our cows, and farm and deliver you the best milk you will taste.

6. A Transparent Journey Farm to Fridge with Single Source Milk

A single source, one trusted provenance, one trusted family. Our single source milk is not the combined ethos of many herds or businesses. We are committed to transparently sharing our producer story and the journey our milk undertakes to make it to your fridge. Thank you for joining us for the ride. It's certainly a wild one some of the time.

7. Caring for our Cows

The same things that are important to you are important to us. We care about the way we look after our cows, not only because we love each one of our cows like a pet. But because our livelihood depends upon it. And even though we have a few thousand cows here on our farm, from baby calves right through to milkers they each have a name. They are registered with Holstein Australia with all their herd book details, pedigree, birthday, and their classification.

8.Taste Perfected

Taste is the result of so many things. Fresh, yummy, unadulterated, creamy, just the best. We know that the way we breed, raise, feed and look after our cows directly impacts the taste of our milk. What happens after that is just attention to detail and respect for the raw product. Keeping the milk super cold, and our factory clean and in good repair. Not adding anything to the milk or taking any components out, not making it up with powders or hidden bacteria inhibitors. We believe that our farm fresh milk tastes better because we strive for better.

9. Little Big Milk in Cafes elevates Coffee Sales and Partnerships

This is crazy, but when a cafe swaps over to Little Big milk- their coffee sales increase. We’ve followed the trends for our cafe customers over time and their coffee sales actually increase by about 50% in the first 3 months of changing their milk supplier to Little Big. How cool is that. We love working with cafe customers to share our milk with their coffee drinking regulars. It feels like a partnership and we get such a kick out of seeing this growth.

10. Freshness in Every Drop

Most days Little Big milk is bottled within hours of milking. Its one of the reasons it tastes so lovely and fresh. Clean milk is chilled immediately from milking and is delivered directly to the factory. Here it is pasteurised at 72.6 degrees for 15 seconds, before being chilled again to 1 degree and bottled. As soon as the micro results are back the milk heads out to our customers. From us to you and nothing in between. We are the farmer, the processor and the wholesaler, which enables us to deliver great tasting milk every day.