What is Non-Homogenised Milk?

What is homogenised milk?

The milk we buy from stores is usually pasteurised and homogenised. This means it’s been heated to kill any bacteria present and processed under pressure to break the fat globules into minute fragments so that all the particles in the milk are of the same size. These equally sized particles of homogenised milk ensure it remains permanently mixed; the larger fat particles cannot reform as cream and therefore, do not rise to the top. If the milk is not homogenised, the cream will stay on the top to create creamy milk with a superior taste. When milk is homogenised, the entire structure of the milk is destroyed.

The homogenisation process became a standard treatment for milk in the 19th century however, homogenised milk is not a requirement of Australian law.

So, what is non-homogenised milk?

Simply put, milk is non-homogenised when it has not undergone the homogenisation process. Therefore, the heavier fat particles, aka the cream, rise to the top and stay there. Non-homogenised milk is a great choice for anyone who prefers a less-processed option and is the closest you can get to fresh milk from the milking parlour.

How we create our non-homogenised milk at The Little Big Dairy Co

Our on-farm factory is located just one kilometre from the dairy shed and this is where we process our milk. We take great care with our processing and bottling, and our milk factory boasts an A rating for Australia’s highest food safety license. We deliver our milk fresh from our dairy to be pasteurised within the milk factory. This means that the first time our Single Source milk leaves our farm is in a bottle ready to be delivered to our customers. Due to the high quality of our raw milk and the fact that it’s received into the processing facility direct from the dairy, minimum heat treatment of the milk is permitted. This results in a beautiful flavour and taste for all our products.

Premium cows mean premium milk

There’s no doubt that the quality of our cows and the way we treat them are vital to producing premium milk. All our cows come from pedigree stock and are subject to a comprehensive vaccine program that aims to prevent diseases rather than treat them. Antibiotics are only used when required and any milk from cows undergoing antibiotic treatment doesn’t make it into the milk we process for consumption. We never use any hormones either. Our cows are as healthy as they can be due to good quality nutrition, lots of sunshine and plenty of grass and our focus is always on sustainability to protect the environment.

Non-homogenised milk is the kind of milk that was produced ‘back in the day’ and, at the Little Big Dairy Co, we’re proud to bring it to the Australian public. It’s not just extra delicious, but it’s versatile too. To spread the creamy fat particles throughout the milk, simply shake the bottle. Alternatively, the top layer of cream can be skimmed off and used separately.