Western Magazine: Fresh Appeal

Central west locals and committed dairy farmers, the Chesworth family, are passionate about creating clean, traceable milk on their 630-acre farm in Rawsonville, creating their own local brand, The Little Big Dairy Company.

Long-time dairy farmers Steve and Erika Chesworth, their sons Duncan and Campbell and daughter Emma Elliot and her husband Jim, work together to supply a quality of milk that can’t be found on the mainstream supermarket shelves.

The Chesworth’s cherish their herd of 800 Holsteins, by naming each cow and getting to know their characters, and attribute the quality of their product to their happiness and health,
“People can taste it’s freshness, it’s processed and delivered on the same day,” Mrs Chesworth said.
“People need to know what they’re eating. We can trace it right back to the cow it came from.”

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