Mudgee Guardian: A single source the secret for local success

Over the past few years, the aromas from the cooking tent near the main pavilion have enticed more and more visitors to the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days to discover how to break down a sheep carcass, cook up a lamb feast, and make their own brine.

On Friday afternoon, many of the field days visitors got out of the rain and listened to chef and Hello Lovelies creator Bec Sutton, Spencer Cocoa chocolatier Luke Spencer, and Little Big Dairy Company’s Erika Chesworth explain why single origin products are some of the best tasting products available.

“Single origin means exactly that,” chef Bec Sutton said.

“Producers either raise or grow the products themselves or they buy them off a producer directly to create their product.”

As well as being a well known chef in the Mudgee region, Ms Sutton is one of the brains behind Hello Lovelies cordial.

Hello Lovelies is hand-made in Mudgee from products Ms Sutton and her partner buy directly from local growers.

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