Milk Revolution Underway in Western NSW

After decades of dairy rationalisation and milk being trucked off to Sydney before it’s turned around days later and carted back out to bush customers, there’s a milk revolution underway in Western NSW!

West Wyalong is the latest town in Western NSW to latch on to single source, locally produced, Little Big Dairy milk, joining delighted milk drinkers in Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst, and Trangie. 

Dubbo’s family owned Little Big Dairy Company is bucking the corporate, mass manufacturing trend, with their dairy processing plant operating on farm to supply the freshest, best quality milk possible to country people.
“Our first delivery to Bernardis IGA in West Wyalong arrived on the shelves last week,” said Emma Elliott, Little Big Dairy Company Factory Manager.

“We are so pleased that our locally grown fresh milk, our Fairtrade certified coffee and chocolate flavoured milk, and our decadent premium quality cream is now available to the people of West Wyalong.”
“We often hear people, particularly in small country towns, say they can rarely get milk with more than a day or two left before the expiry date.” 

“With Little Big Dairy milk our customers tell us they love that our milk stays fresh in the fridge for so much longer!”

“Because our milk is bottled on the farm within hours of milking, we can guarantee 14 days of freshness - as long as it’s kept in the fridge!  That’s a much longer shelf life than the big corporate brands whose milk sits in trucks for days on the way to a processor in Sydney.”

“Our Little Big Dairy milk is great for farmers who live a long way from town, or for busy families who only get to the shops once a week.  It’s much more likely to stay fresh until you’re ready to stock up again at the shops – although it tastes so good we can’t guarantee the kids won’t drink it all long before the expiry date!
“It’s our belief that our delicious milk and cream shouldn’t be reserved for the lucky few, it should be readily available to local people, supporting the local economy where it’s made.”

“We started the Little Big Dairy Company to deliver the best tasting single source milk you’ll ever drink to as many people as possible,” said Emma. 

The Little Big Dairy Co is a completely local business, owned and run by the Chesworth family, Erika and Steve Chesworth, daughter Emma and her husband Jim Elliot, and sons Campbell and Duncan, and Duncan’s partner Danielle.  
Find out more about the Little Big Dairy and our Single Source milk online at:  or contact Emma Elliott on 0412 560 304.