Is Non-Homogenised Milk Better for You?

Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to drink non-homogenised milk rather than homogenised milk? Do you even know what the difference is? We’re here to explain all you need to know about non-homogenised milk so you can make your own decision.

What is non-homogenised milk?

Let’s start by explaining more about homogenisation. Homogenised milk is produced by forcing the milk through a special machine at very high pressure. This process breaks up the fat particles within the milk to make them extremely small. As they’re so small, they are dispersed evenly throughout the milk to create an even look and consistency. Once the fat particles have been broken up, they never reform. The cream will never rise to the top, no matter how long it’s left in the fridge. In short, it’s mainly about making the milk more aesthetically appealing to the consumer.

Non-homogenised or unhomogenized milk is simply milk in its natural state. As there is no homogenisation process, the cream rises to the top and sits on top of the milk. This happens because the cream is slightly less dense than the milk. Both non-homogenised and homogenised milk is exactly the same nutritionally, but non-homogenised milk is just not as processed as homogenised milk.

Is non-homogenised milk healthier for you?

Just to put things straight. Non-homogenised milk doesn’t mean that it’s in its raw state. Homogenisation and pasteurisation are completely separate processes. So, you can have pasteurised milk that has been homogenised and vice versa.

If you choose non-homogenised milk that has been pasteurised, you’re choosing a milk that’s just as nutritious but has gone through fewer processes than homogenised milk and so is nearer to its natural state. Thanks to the high quality of raw milk and because it’s received into the processing facility direct from the dairy, minimum heat treatment is permitted and that’s what gives our milk its beautiful flavour. It’s just about the closest you can get to fresh milk from the milking parlour.

So, if it’s important for you that your food has been through as few processes as possible, then you may consider this to be a healthier choice. However, most people choose non-homogenised milk over the homogenised version because they love the layer of cream that has risen to the top. It reminds them of the ‘old-fashioned’ milk that grandma used to serve. Plus, as you can shake the milk up to mix in the fat particles, it makes it a versatile option for drinking, cooking, and baking.

Non-homogenised milk from The Little Big Dairy Co

Just like all our single source milk, our non-homogenised version comes from our herd of gorgeous pedigree Holstein cows and can be traced back to the cow that made it. When you buy our non-homogenised milk, you’ll find a lovely thick layer of cream sitting on top of the milk that you can either scoop out or shake in. Our non-homogenised milk is available in both plastic and glass bottles; simply choose the option that suits you best.