Is lite milk better than skim? What is the difference?

Lite Milk Vs. Skim Milk

When it comes to milk, there's a wide variety of options available in Australia and each caters to different dietary preferences and health goals. Among these options, lite milk and skim milk are often perceived as healthier choices due to their lower fat content. Here we’ll discuss lite milk vs. skim milk to understand the differences, discover which is better, and answer the age-old classic question ‘what milk is in a skinny latte?’

The Difference Between Skim and Lite Milk

Skim milk

Skim milk is also known as fat-free as it contains virtually no fat (less than 0.15%). It’s been processed to remove most of the milk fat, leaving behind a minimum amount. So, while it provides the same quantity of nutrients as whole milk - such as calcium, vitamin D and protein - you won’t be consuming as much fat or as many calories. Because of its processing, you’ll notice that skim milk has a thinner texture than alternatives such as lite milk. But if you can see past this, skim milk is a great choice if you are looking to reduce your saturated fat and calorie intake. If you like the taste of skim milk, our No Cream Milk is the best option for you.

Lite milk

Lite milk provides a midpoint between whole milk and skim milk. It typically contains around 2% of fat and as a result, it’s sometimes labelled as milk that is ‘reduced fat’. It provides a good middle ground between the creaminess of whole milk and the somewhat blander taste of skim milk. And you’ll benefit from all of the great nutrients that milk provides - including calcium, vitamin D and protein - while consuming fewer calories and less fat than whole milk. If you like the taste of lite milk, our Less Cream Milk is the best option for you.

Is Skim or Lite Milk Better?

When it comes to the question of whether skim or lite milk is better, the answer is entirely dependent on your wants and needs. If your goals include reducing your calorie intake, if you need to lower your cholesterol levels, if you are on a weight management plan or if you generally follow a low-fat diet, then skim milk is the type to choose. This is why skim milk is used when producing skinny lattes; it contains the lowest calories and fat content.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a milk product with more flavour, if you want to enjoy creamier milk while reducing your calorie intake or if you are taking fat-soluble vitamins, then lite milk will be better. Ultimately, the best milk to choose is the one that best aligns with your health objectives and taste palette.

Choose Free Range, Farm Fresh Milk

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