Is Flavoured Milk Good for Kids?

Flavoured milk has been a favourite among both children and adults for generations. But is it actually a healthy choice for your children to consume? With such a wide variety of brands available on the market, it’s beneficial to understand the nutritional benefits so you can make an informed choice for your kids.

So, is flavoured milk good for you? Continue reading to find out.

Discover Some of the Health Benefits of Flavoured Milk

Is flavoured milk healthy?’ is a commonly asked question among both parents and health professionals and a topic that has been studied time and time again. Flavoured milk can offer several advantages when it comes to kids’ nutrition.

Calcium intake

Although plain milk is the best milk product for your children, understandably not everyone likes the taste. With many varieties available, flavoured milk becomes a great substitute, ensuring that your kids can get their daily intake of calcium to aid with their bone and muscle development. 

Protein source

Milk, regardless of whether it is flavoured or not, is a great source of high-quality protein. This is key for muscle development and overall growth and contributes to a balanced diet.


It’s no secret that kids love to run around and expend their energy. So, it’s essential that they stay hydrated and replace fluids that are lost throughout the day. As it’s undeniably tastier than water, children may be more inclined to consume flavoured milk to prevent dehydration.

Nutrient consumption

Studies show that flavoured milk does not have a higher total fat or calorie intake than unflavoured milk on average and provides a flurry of other nutritional benefits such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamins A, D and B12. And the presence of lactose enhances the absorption of these nutrients.

Ensuring a Balanced Diet is Key

Although flavoured milk contains more sugar than the non-flavoured variety, it’s important to remember that sugar is OK in small quantities. The key is to ensure that your child’s diet is balanced and nutritious. With many brands to choose from, opting for milk with less added sugar and fewer artificial ingredients is beneficial. And when you are serving flavoured milk to your child, consider the portion sizes. Sometimes this will be 150ml, other times it could be 250ml.

If your child is not a fan of regular or unflavoured milk, choosing flavoured milk can be better than going without it completely. Remember, limiting access to flavoured milk because of potential sugar content may have a detrimental impact and reduce your child’s intake of other essential nutrients and minerals.

Choose a Reliable Brand That You Can Trust

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