How to Run a Cafe

How to Run a Café 

Running a successful café is possible, but the key to making it work is in thorough and clever planning. Whether you are setting up a new business or looking for ways to improve your existing business, there are numerous things to take into consideration, many of which are outside the scope of this short article. You will need to ensure adequate funding and working capital, an understanding or background in the industry, a clear concept of how your café will work, such as will it be purely sit-in or will you offer a takeaway service too? And how you are going to make your café stand out from the plethora of coffee shops and cafés out there. You’ll also need to identify and understand your customers – are they likely to be people who will linger and order several items or the quick dash-in-and-go type? 

Getting your products and services right

Even if you’ve found the perfect location, concept, theme and premises for your café, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. You need to get your products and services right too. We all know of a place you’d possibly walk by but have heard through word of mouth that they serve up excellent food and drinks! 

So, with this in mind, you need to think carefully about the equipment you’ll need, your menu, your ingredients and of course, your staff. 

While, at The Little Big Dairy Co, we can’t help you with the some of those things, we can ensure that you get the best quality milk for your drinks. We supply award-winning, single source milk to over 500 cafés and restaurants, many of which have seen an increase in their sales since they started using our products. 

Quality counts

No matter whether you are serving up coffee and cake or have a more extensive menu, the quality of your food and drinks should be as good as you can possibly make it. And quality food and drink start with quality ingredients. If you concentrate on using quality ingredients, you can’t go far wrong. With milk from the Little Big Dairy Co as one of your ingredients, you can rest assured that your customers will be getting a delicious beverage, whether you’re serving up tea, coffee or shakes. We offer a range of different milk, including full cream, less cream, no cream, lactose-free and non-homogenised, to suit all requirements. We also offer flavoured milks and our premium pure pouring cream and double cream that will prove the perfect accompaniment to cakes and desserts. 

Try the Little Big Dairy Co difference

Using inferior quality ingredients is never cost saving; it will show in the quality of your finished product. And if you don’t believe milk can make such a difference, we invite you to try our award-winning single source milk for yourself. For a limited time, we’re offering businesses in the NSW and ACT areas one full day’s supply of our milk for free. All our milk can be traced back to the beautiful pedigree Holstein cow that produced it – a cow that’s been cared for and allowed to graze on the land. That’s why our milk tastes so good. Try the Little Big Dairy Co difference for yourself by calling us on (02) 6887 3443.