How to Improve Cafe Sales

Café culture is firmly entrenched in Aussie life. We love meeting friends to share a good cup of coffee and maybe a snack or two. In fact, many of us see coffee as part of our daily routine. However, we’re a bit picky about where we choose to get our daily fix.

If you’re a café owner, no doubt you’ve had to work hard to build up your clientele and you’re always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. So take a look at how you can improve café sales with a little help from the Little Big Dairy Company. We supply award-winning, single-source milk to cafés and restaurants that’s guaranteed to make the most delicious coffee!

  • Quality, Quality, Quality

To ensure your café is the name on everyone’s lips, concentrate on quality. Many business owners put too much focus on sales and not enough on the quality of service and products. Build your brand around quality and you can’t go wrong. Seek out the best ingredients for the items on your menu. Invest in premium coffee blends, choose artisan bread over standard run-of-the-mill offerings, and don’t forget to pay attention to the milk that you use for your drinks. Offer a selection of fresh dairy milk including lactose-free milk together with plant-based options. Source your consumables locally from brands that have a story to tell. We’re happy to share our story about our Holstein cows, how we know each one by name and how we create high-quality milk on our dairy farm on the banks of the Macquarie River.

If your customers love your café, they’ll recommend you to friends, family, co-workers and just about anyone who will listen.

  • Service with a Smile

We’ve all been there: that café with the staff who look like they don’t want to be there or don’t know much about what they’re serving up to you. Make sure that you hire the right staff – those that not only work to the highest professional standards but enjoy their job. It’s hard to fake enthusiasm and it shows. But don’t forget to give the staff what they need. Excellent products, top-quality equipment, and good leadership. Make your café an environment where your staff are happy!

Be authentic! Pass on your enthusiasm to your customers while creating a relaxed atmosphere where customers don’t feel compelled to drink up and go. If customers leave with a smile on their face, they’re sure to return.

  • Optimize Your Menu

You don’t need to have an extensive menu, but you do need to offer some choice. Consider building a menu of customer favourites and adding in a few seasonal specials. Gather feedback from your customers. Encourage your staff to engage with the customers and ask them for their opinions. What are the most popular items and when? Do your customers switch to lattes as soon as the temperatures rise? Do customers prefer flavoured coffees in the colder months? Data is key to providing a menu that your customers will love.

The Final Word

Growing your sales isn’t just about the food and drinks you serve. It’s about the ingredients that go into your products, the culture of your establishment and customer experience.