Forbes Advocate: Little Big Dairy milk gold medal

The Little Big Dairy Co have been awarded a gold medal for their Less Cream milk at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s (DIAA) NSW Division. 

The Chesworth family of Little Big Dairy Co were recognised for the efforts at the annual DIAA NSW Dairy Products Awards, and not only won gold for their less cream milk, but also took home silver medals for full cream, no cream and nonhomogenised milks. 

They are a family owned and operated business who run a herd of 800 Holsteins, all born and raised on the farm, situated on the Macquarie River in the Central West. 

Little Big Dairy Co have been in operation for eight months, and sell several products of milk including full cream, no cream and fair trade flavoured milks. 

They are the first dairy processor in Australia to be certified as a Fairtrade flavoured milk producer, committed to the exclusive use of fairtrade cocoa, coffee, sugar and vanilla in the production of their flavoured milk range. 

The milk is produced solely on their farm (single source) allowing the Chesworths to trace the product from start to finish.

What sets the Chesworth’s apart is their single source approach, selling their products directly to consumers and their unique use of packaging, the timeless glass bottle.

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